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Myrna-Lisa's Myraid Pageant and Entertainment aspire to showcase the beauty, culture, identity of our unique people and country.


Our founder, Ms. Alicia Swann has an impressive history of working with young women and a respected reputation for aspiring, motivating and mentoring many young women for many years. This is just another step forward in the continued flagship of bringing out the best in our women of various age groups and social backgrounds. The daughter of our Founder, Ms. Aaliyah Basden and also business partner is no stranger to pageantry herself, by coping the Miss Regatta pageant in May 2012 during that year, it was called Ms. Culture Ambassador 2012 Regatta Festival on the island of South Caicos. Not only was the theme unique that year, but Miss Basden walked away with all the covenant prizes with the exception of only one, despite the technical difficulties this is an indication of the natural talent, resilience, charm and beauty that is within this family and what will also be the catalyst of assisting other women. The Regatta festival is the eldest ran beauty pageant that commenced within the Turks and Caicos Islands since the visit of the late Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the 11 and Prince Phillip on February 25th, 1966. In addition, in past years, the Ms. Swann has worked closely with Miss Regatta and Miss Edward Gartland Youth Center contestants.


We strive to aspire contestants to search their inner soul, see the queen within her, be confident in their own skin and use the exposure and connections to assist with present and future goals whilst ensuring our beautiful country Turks and Caicos Islands is the center of all that we do, to bring an awareness of who we are both as a people and country.


We believe beauty has no one look, shape or personality but like our beautiful unique chain of islands, that are all beautiful so is our island beauties. 


We believe in providing the training, motivation, coaching and mentorships that are needed to impact our contestants for a life of success and resilience. 


This will be done the beauty pageants, modeling shows, workshops, education, seminars, sponsorship and partnerships in some instances opportunity will be provided for our beauty queens to represent and our country on a local, regional and international stage.


We work with local, regional and international professionals within the business.


We come to change the dynamics of beauty and create a stronger more resilient and confident group of women.

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